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★ [03/12] Upcoming Single, 'Sweet Refrain'!

★ [07/12] New Album 'LEVEL3' & Dome Live!


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Perfume Launches a New App!!

This application, created by the Rhizomatiks allows users on Android and iOS to stream Perfume’s entire (official) discography! All you need to do is have your songs ready on your device, and open the app to play songs. What’s more, the more you play songs via this application, the more closer you get to unlocking material! (NOTE: The songs must already be on your phone and the artist must be properly tagged)

Check it out here:

Edit: apologies for the incorrect information posted regarding streaming! Thank you to the user who pointed it out for us.

Perfume on J-Melo (NHK World) - 01.12.13

Cosplayers outside the Kyocera Dome

Perfume “LEVEL3” Tour Osaka Day I Setlist

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Perfume talking about goods for Perfume 4th Tour in Dome “LEVEL3” supported by Chocola BB.

Goods are now on sale again from ASMART! World P.T.A. Members can also purchase a copy of P.T.A. Magazine Vol. 4: “LEVEL3” Special ISSUE from the same place.

Countdown to Perfume 4th Tour in DOME “LEVEL3” supported by Chocola BB on both the specially designated site and official global site.

[07/12] ☆ The countdown has ended, marking not only the start of the LEVEL3 Tour, but also the upcoming arrival of a “new project”.

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